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What is “Clean Label”?

Customers often approach us here at Yost Foods with interest in developing a “clean label” solution. But what does clean label really mean? In our experiences we have learned that clean label can mean many different things to different audiences. At a very basic level, clean label refers to food products that are organic and natural with fewer highly processed ingredients. However, it can also include food ingredients that are sustainably and responsibly sourced, using techniques that protect the environment as well as human and animal welfare while ensuring abundance for the future.

Consumer Demand for Clean Label Products Continues to Grow

Today’s consumers are more and more discerning of selecting foods with “better for you” ingredients that represent authenticity and transparency, in essence for foods that they can trust. While perceptions among consumers of what clean label is can vary dramatically, the bottom line is clean label is not just a trend anymore, it is an expectation. People want to eat foods with real or perceived nutritional benefits for themselves and for their families.

Clean Label Solutions from Yost Foods

Our company started out by creating custom ingredient solutions for the industries we serve, and that has continued to ring true with clean label initiatives. Our approach is to provide food ingredient solutions that meet consumers expectations for simpler and more natural ingredients that are sustainably and responsibly sourced, while maintaining uncompromising food safety and providing unmatched taste and nutritional benefits. We have the experience to remove or replace artificial, synthetic, or highly processed ingredients with clean label alternatives.

Examples of our success within the clean label movement include organic, non-GMO, vegan, all natural products, simple and recognizable ingredients, allergen free versions of historically allergen-containing products, kosher, steam treated ingredients, reduced sodium, and no/less sugar solutions, as well as emphasizing plant-based alternative proteins.

We can offer innovative clean label solutions to support demanding consumer expectations with a wide variety of natural ingredients and the technical excellence to ensure positive results.

What make Yost Foods unique in our clean label solutions is that we are small enough to be flexible with your ingredient requirements, yet large enough to handle your volume. We are able to facilitate smaller minimum production runs that are highly customized to your exact application needs, at a competitive price.

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