Selecting The Best Food Ingredients Manufacturer For Your Applications

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What Makes A “Good Fit” When Considering A Food Ingredients Manufacturer?

When selecting an ingredients manufacturer for your food product applications there are many factors to consider in order to ensure a successful business relationship. Qualities such as consistency, reliability, communication, and follow up are important as well as a strong commitment to food quality and safety.

But how do you determine if a potential partner is a “good fit” for your application and overall business and provide the type of relationship that will help your company meet the challenges you face in the marketplace? In Yost Foods’ 30 year history of successful customer relationships, we have identified several key elements which are critical to having a long term, mutually beneficial and successful relationship.

Look For A Food Ingredients Solution Provider

A key consideration when selecting a food ingredients manufacturer is the ability for that potential partner to provide overall solutions which are not only innovative, but also provide a holistic view that take into account factors such as long-term ingredient availability or component storage, handling, and logistics. Additionally, a provider that incorporates an approach of broad thinking and the ability to look for alternative approaches and solutions that are cost effective, safe, and help improve your business are desirable qualities.

At Yost Foods, we practice this holistic approach by developing ingredient systems which incorporate careful analysis of a wide variety of factors including taste, mouthfeel, and ingredient availability that allow the ingredient system to be industrialized and used in a wider scale. Our approach with our customers is one of collaboration and “co-development” so that we can best understand all of the variables that are critical to the success of the product application as well our customer’s business.

Additionally, our product development team constantly strives to stay on the leading edge of flavors science not only to bring our customers the latest in flavors trends and technology, but how to work smarter with flavors to maximize cost savings and provide our customers a competitive advantage.

Customer Service Must Be The Number One Priority

The importance of collaborating with a provider who places customer service as their number one priority can not be overstated. A food ingredients manufacturer can only be as good as their employees, and how you are treated as a customer is critical in establishing a winning partnership.

At Yost Foods, the soul of our company is based on a customer centric philosophy. We often tell our customers and suppliers that we are in the customer service business, and we happen to provide food ingredients. Everything we do is based on servicing customers and providing cost effective, safe, and innovative ways to improve their business.

Ready to start a conversation? Contact us today at 330-273-4420 to learn more about how Yost Foods can provide solutions to your toughest food ingredient challenges.

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